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Grail Butter

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Maintain the glossy sheen of your Whiskey Grail with Grail Butter, a beeswax-based and all natural wood finish.


1) Using a paper towel (or a cloth), create a pad on the index and middle fingers. 
2) Swirl the pad on the Grail Butter, applying light pressure to pick up the wax. 
3) Apply Grail Butter across the exterior faces of the Grail with medium pressure, taking care around any engravings not to tear the cloth.
4) Allow the Grail to rest a few minutes with the wax on the surface. The Grail should feel waxy to the touch at this point. 
5) Using a clean cloth, buff off excess wax with a small, quick circular motion and moderate pressure.
6) Enjoy your favorite bourbon in your lustrous Whiskey Grail!