Q: What can I put in my Whiskey Grail?
A: The Whiskey Grail is appropriate for most beverages with temperatures between 35°F and 120°F. Hot beverages may melt the wax coating; It's the WHISKEY Grail, not the Coffee Grail!

Q: How do I get the most out of my Whiskey Grail?
A: We believe one of the areas that the Whiskey Grail excels is through a side by side comparison with a regular rocks glass. When comparing the two drinking vessels, you will note that the flavors, nose, and overall aromas of your bourbon whiskey are amplified when drinking out of the Whiskey Grail.

Q: How do I take care of my Whiskey Grail?
A: To clean, hand wash with soap and water and allow to dry. Do not use a dishwasher. For longer term maintenance, check out our Grail Butter.

Q: How much liquid can the Whiskey Grail hold?
A: Approximately 6 oz.

Q: What is this white stuff in my cup?
A: Our Grails are applied with beeswax sealing wax. It is a nontoxic mineral oil. If there is excess wax, you can use a paper napkin to remove it.

Q: What if the cup leaks?
A: Every Grail is meticulously leak-tested before they leave the shop. Please contact us at adam@whiskeygrail.com if there is a problem.

Q: Where are Whiskey Grail products made?
A: Statesboro, Georgia.

Q: Will my cup break?
A: While you should treat your Grail with respect, it is hardy and will not break easily.

Q: What drinks go well with my Whiskey Grail?
A: We have enjoyed a wide array of bourbon and scotch with our Grails. Have fun with it and experiment, or try it with your favorite bourbon distillery's product!

Q: Can I custom order a Grail with my own logo or design?
A: Yes! Here! For more specific details or larger orders, contact adam@whiskeygrail.com.