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Whiskey Grail - Grails for Dad

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If your dad's a bourbon, whiskey, or scotch lover, this limited edition Whiskey Grail will be the perfect addition to his collection! Raise a drink to your pops with your new favorite toast: "Hail to the Grail!"

We offer four variations to fit your father's personality.

The Whiskey Grail is a white oak drinking vessel, charred on the inside to mimic the environment that Bourbon is aged in. Each Whiskey Grail is expertly handcrafted by our artisans and checked multiple times for quality. The Whiskey Grail uniquely enhances the drinking experience and is coveted by its users.

The Whiskey Grail is appropriate for temperatures between 35°F and 120°F. Hot beverages may melt the wax coating.

We appreciate your patience with The Whiskey Grail team as each grail is handmade and then carefully inspected to meet our standard of excellence.

Ships within 3-5 days.